Halloween Makeup Ideas : Recreate These 10 Easy Looks

Halloween is just around the corner, and it's the perfect time to get creative with your makeup! Whether you're planning to attend a spooky costume party or just want to get into the Halloween spirit, we've got you covered with 10 easy and captivating Halloween makeup ideas using Inglot’s fantastic range of makeup products. From classic spooky characters to glamorous and whimsical looks, let's dive into the world of Halloween makeup and transform into your favourite ghouls and goblins.

1. Red Devil.

The Red Devil bundle is all about embracing your inner temptress. It includes:

- 79 Gel Liner : Perfect for creating intense and smudge-proof eye looks.

- 437 Lipstick: A bold, fiery red shade that will make your lips the centre of attention.

- 79S Lashes: Dramatic lashes to add that touch of devil is allure to your eyes.

Step-by-Step Red Devil Makeup:

1.Start by applying the 79 Gel Liner along your upper lash line ,extending it slightly for a fierce winged effect.

2.Use the same liner to draw horns on your forehead, making them as sharp as your attitude.

3.Apply the 437 Lipstick for striking red lips that scream confidence.

4.Finish the look by affixing the 79S Lashes, and you're ready to set hearts ablaze.

2.Golden Skull

For an opulent Halloween look, the Golden Skull bundle has you covered with:

- 49 Body sparkles: Add shimmer and mystique to your skin.

- HD Lip Tint 18: A deep brown for your lips.

- Freedom Eyeshadow 302 & 43:Two stunning shades to create a captivating eye look.

Step-by-Step Golden Skull Makeup:

1.Begin by applying the 49 Body Sparkles to your face and décolletage, creating a glistening canvas.

2.Use Freedom Eyeshadow 433 on your eyelids and blend Freedom Eyeshadow 302 into the crease for depth.

3.Swipe on HD Lip Tint 18 for a deep, dark and sultry pout.

4.With intricate shading and black liner, transform your face into a golden skull.

3: Barbie

If you're aiming for a glamorous and girly Halloween look, the Barbie bundle includes:

- Freedom Blush 61: Achieve that rosy Barbie glow.

- 439 Lipstick: A chic, candy pink shade.

- 82S Lashes: Fluttery lashes for doll-like eyes.

Step-by-Step Barbie Makeup:

1. Apply Freedom Blush 61 to your cheeks for a sweet, flushed appearance.

2.Coat your lips in the vibrant 439 Lipstick.

3.Complete the look with the 82S Lashes for a flirty, doll-eyed effect.

4.Don't forget to wear your best Barbie outfit for the full effect!

4: Metallic Robot

For a futuristic twist on Halloween, the Metallic Robot bundle features:

- 94 Gel Liner: Ideal for creating sleek, metallic lines.

- 140 Pure Pigment: A deep, metallic silver that will make you shine.

- 44 Body Sparkle: To add a dazzling touch.

- 440 Lipstick: A striking metallic purple shade for your lips.

Step-by-Step Metallic Robot Makeup:

1.Use the 94 Gel Liner to create bold, metallic lines and geometric shapes on your face.

2.Apply the 140 Pure Pigment on your eyelids for a reflective silver shine.

3. Add the 44 Body Sparkle to highlight your metallic features.

4.Finish with the stunning 440 Lipstick for lips that are out of this world.

5: Gothic Glam

For those who prefer a darker, more mysterious look, the Gothic Glam bundle includes:

- 38 HD Lip Tint: A deep, vampy shade for your lips.

- 30 Nail and Body Spangles: To add an eerie sparkle.

- 304 Freedom Eyeshadow: A moody, intense eyeshadow.

Step-by-Step Gothic Glam Makeup:

1.Start by applying the 304 Freedom Eyeshadow for a dramatic, smoky eye.

2. Coat your lips in the rich, dark hue of the 38 HD Lip Tint.

3. Use the 30 Nail and Body Spangles to add an eerie sparkle to your face, and body.

4. Accessorize with gothic jewellery and attire for the complete look.

Inglot's Get the Look Halloween bundles provide you with all the tools you need to create captivating and spooky makeup looks. Whether you want to be a sultry Red Devil, a shimmering Golden Skull, a glamorous Barbie, a futuristic Metallic Robot, or embrace Gothic Glam, Inglot has you covered. Unleash your creativity this Halloween, and make a statement with these bewitching makeup bundles.

6: Enchanting Witch

Products to use:

- Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77

- Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows in 402 and 391

- Inglot False Lash Effect Mascara

Start by creating a smokey eye with Inglot's Freedom System Eyeshadows, apply shade 402 all over the lid and smoke it out at the outer edge with shade 391. Wing out your eyeliner using the AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 for that enchanting look. Finish with dramatic lashes using Inglot's False Lash Effect Mascara and a bold red lip. Remember to add a pointy hat and a broomstick for the ultimate witchy transformation!

7: Gothic Vampire

Products to use:

- Inglot HD Perfect Coverup Foundation

- Inglot Soft Precision Lipliner in 72

- Inglot Lipstick in 103

Achieve a pale, vampire-like complexion with Inglot's HD Perfect Coverup Foundation. Create a bold, dramatic lip using the soft precision lipliner in 72 and 103 lipstick for that signature vampire pout. Add some faux fangs, some fake blood and a cape to complete the look.

8: Creepy Clown

Products to use:

- Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77

- Me Like Face & Body Mist

- Inglot Lipstick Matte in 408

Get ready to send shivers down spines with a creepy clown look. Use Inglot's AMC Eyeliner Gel in 77 to draw exaggerated eyebrows and create a bold, sinister smile. Highlight key areas with Me Like Face & Body mist for that eerie glow. Finish by using Lipstick Matte in 408 for your clown nose. For that extra spooky touch, you can even add some SFX! Top the look off with a colourful wig and an oversized bowtie.

9: Spooky Skeleton

Products to use:

- Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel in 76 and 77

- Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows in 310 and 391

- Inglot AMC Face and Body Illuminator

For a spooky and skeletal transformation, use AMC Eyeliner Gel in shades 76 and 77 to draw intricate skull patterns on your face. Enhance the effect by shading with Freedom System Eyeshadows to shade. Shades such as 310 and 391 are perfect. Highlight certain areas with AMC Face and Body Illuminator to create dimension. Finish off with a black outfit for a bone-chilling look.

10: Classic Zombie

Products to use:

- Inglot Smoothing Under Eye Powder 

- Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows in 391 and 301

- Inglot Duraline

Transform into the undead with the Smoothing under eye powder for a pale and lifeless complexion. Create realistic wounds and scars using Freedom System Eyeshadow shades 391 and 301. Mix Inglot's Duraline with the eyeshadows to make them more liquid and easier to work with. Add tattered clothes and zombie-like accessories for an authentic look.

Ready to unleash your Halloween creativity with Inglot Ireland's makeup products?

Shop online today to discover the perfect cosmetics for your spooky transformation. Don't miss out on our exclusive Halloween deals and collections! Let's make this Halloween a memorable one together.

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