Inglot x Maura Elements Collection | PRESALE Part Two

Introducing the final reveal and PRESALE from the NEW Inglot x Maura Elements Collection, Paradise Wild Eyeshadow Palettes & Bask In The Glow Skin Duo Palettes

Paradise Wild Eyeshadow Palettes €22 / £20

Feast your eyes upon our mesmerising Paradise Wild Eyeshadow Palette Collection featuring 3 simply stunning versatile palettes in Chocolate Cosmos, Coral Reef & Oriental Lily.

Chocolate Cosmos Eyeshadow Palette €22 / £20

Deep Dive into the Chocolatey Cosmos and explore this delicious toffee Eyeshadow Palette, containing 3 intensely matte deep shades and 3 divinely flawless shimmering nudes.

Contains Shades: Gilded Cosmos, Twilight Sky, Twilight Dreams, Deep Chocolate, Rising Star & Nova Dream

Coral Reef Eyeshadow Palette €22/ £20

Discover the soft shimmers of Coral Reef with this soft and dreamy Eyeshadow Palette, containing 3 smooth matte warm shades and 3 champagne shimmering hues.

Contains Shades: Deep Dawn, Aurora Glow, Phoenix Twilight, Gilded Dawn, Light Dawn & Honey Twilight

Oriental Lily Eyeshadow Palette €22/ £20

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the orients with this nude and velvety Eyeshadow Palette, containing 3 beautifully delicate matte shades and 3 divine dazzling shimmering hues.

Contains Shades: Gilded Bloom, Oriental Twilight, Honey Sky, Shimmering Dream, Wolf Moon & Shimmering Skyline 

Bask in the Glow Duo Palettes €16 / £15

Shades: Sunset, Sunrise, Sunshine

Indulge in the sun’s delicate glow with these effortlessly glamorous ‘Bask in the Glow’ Duo Palettes. Luxuriate yourself in the deep, glowing, radiant bronzer and infuse your skin with a soft and diamondy glow of pink blusher.

Choose from 3 shades, suitable for lusciously light, magnificent medium and deliciously dark skin tones.

What it takes to create that Bask in the Glow Perfection..

  • Blushers contain treated Highlighting Pigments to provide a radiant and healthy glow,
  • Luffa Cylindica Seed Oil which moisturizes, smoothes and prevents dehydration,
  • Bronzers adjust to your natural skin tone and texture which results in a natural sun-kissed effect

Everything about the Inglot x Maura Elements Collection has been handcrafted and curated with authenticity at the forefront - from the infusion of natural ingredients to the promotion of understated makeup application and the absence of digital makeup enhancement techniques. Together, Inglot and Maura are committed to communicating the message that your unique beauty should be embraced and celebrated. We want you to know that even your slightest imperfections are perfect, because they are yours.

Enhance and define your own natural beauty using the Inglot X Maura Elements Collection.


PRESALE of The full Inglot X Maura Elements Collection is now available on with the official launch for all Inglot stockists happening tomorrow Wednesday 5th May at 10am

Want to stock the Inglot X Maura collection? Please email 


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