Signature Candy Palette


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An aesthetic addition to Inglot's ‘Signature Collection’, this luscious palette adds an intense pop of colour to your eyeshadow collection. This day-to-night selection of shades proves popular for making green eyes pop, but looks stunning on all eye colours. Shades: 295, 311, 297, 290


Voted Runner Up Best Single Eyeshadow in the 2019 Stellar Beauty Heroes

2.3 g/0.08 US OZ*
2.8 g/0.1 US OZ*
3.0 g/0.11 US OZ*
3.3 g/0.12 US OZ*
3.6 g/0.13 US OZ*

*weight depends on colour

Fully matte eye shadow that contains special silicones and treated pigments. It boasts high lubricity and a silky touch combined with easy, smooth, long lasting, and crease resistant application. Oil free formula provides the ideal matte finish and intense color.
The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to make your own custom designed palette of almost any size. Remember to choose a perfect home for your Freedom System products selecting a matching palette.

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