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Chestnut Glow features:

  • Shades 173, 291, 284 & 306
  • Freedom Flexi Palette 4 square

Chestnut Glow Eyeshadow Palette - Value £30. NOW £20!

Specifically curated to enhance the amber in brown eyes, this palette features a mixture of earthy, shimmery, and warm matte tones. With a champagne olive hue and a mixture of cool and warm earthy tones, this Palette will make brown eyes glow and smolder.

Your NEW Brown Eye Enhancing Beauty Secret is Here!

Take your Eye Glow to the next level of illumination with Inglot’s NEW Eye Glow Eyeshadow Collection – available in three Eye Colour Coded Tones: ‘Chestnut Glow’, ‘Ocean Eye Glow’ and ‘Hazel Glow’. All of the Palettes in this collection are valued at £30, but are retailing at just £20.

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