Me Like Illuminizing Face & Body Mists

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colour: Bamboo
Moscow Mule
Pisco Sour

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50 ml

Care Ingredients:

  • Vitamin B3
  • Hydrolysed algae


  • Serves as a face primer and setting spray in one
  • Moisturizes and illuminates the skin
  • Long lasting effect
  • Perfect for mid day makeup revival
  • Visually improves skin tone
  • Lightweight formula is suitable to use on face and body
  • Protects the skin against external factors
  • May be used for all skin types including sensitive


  • Spray the product from 15-20cm distance 
  • Apply the mist directly on the skin, just before makeup. The product leaves a delicate, illuminating film that will create a natural and trendy makeup, 

- Paraben free

- Dermatologically tested

- Cruelty free

Tips & Tricks:

  • If you want to achieve an ultra shimmering effect, apply highlighter like sparkling dust or soft sparkler on the part of the body covered in mist. The mist makes sure the highlighter stays put and enhances the glow. 
  • It is also perfect for body art or body painting. Spray the mist on your body then in a quick movement spread your favourite body pigments. 
  • If you put too much foundation, powder or concealer, spray the mist on a makeup brush and spread the excessive amount of the product in circular movements. 

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