Protection and Recovery Travel Set 1


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Protection and Recovery Travel Set Worth £26. Now £22.

This Travel Set contains Inglot’s Bestselling Combination of Ultimate Day Protection Cream, Night Recovery Cream, Sunrise Drop Face Oil and Micellar Water.

Innovative and rich in active ingredients, INGLOTLAB Ultimate Day Protection Cream (10ml) €10, promotes anti-aging, hydration, skin smoothing and regeneration. Not only does this Cream protect against electromagnetic radiation emitted by Smartphones and Tablets, it also sooths the skin promoting a clean and clear complexion.

For a soothing overnight treatment, try INGLOT LAB’S Intense Night Recovery Face Cream (10ml) €10. Featuring a blend of rich and nourishing oils, including chia and strawberry, this rich overnight cream works whilst you sleep to restore and regenerate the skin, combating dehydration, improving elasticity, working to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst leaving behind a bright and radiant finish.

For an instant plane pick-me-up, try the INGLOT LAB Sunrise Drop Face Oil (9ml) €14. Just one single drop of this intensely nourishing oil helps balance the skin’s pH, restore hydration and improve luminosity without leaving a greasy film behind. Formulated with Jojoba Oil, Cherry Kernel and Alpine Apple, the product leaves skin soft and supple, whilst helping prevent excessive moisture loss – keeping skin protected for the duration of your flight.

Combined with INGLOTLAB’s Bestselling Micellar Water (25ml) €4, you can ensure that your skin is prepped and clean for the Application of this amazing combination of products.

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