Shimmering Sol Skin & Eye Set

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Shimmering Sol Skin & Eye Set

Take Gifting to the next level of luxury this Christmas with this Shimmering Skin & Eye Set. Bathe in the beauty of the Orients with a nude and velvety Eyeshadow Palette made by the makeup angels! Luxuriate yourself in a radiant and naturally sunkissed Bronze and Blush Palette and indulge your skin in the soft glow of Inglot’s bestselling, lusciously golden cream highlighter.

This Set contains: Oriental Lily Palette which features three divine, dazzling shimmering hues and three deep rich and warm tones. Bask in the Glow Skin Duo in Sunrise which features a radiant Bronzer and a diamond pink Blusher.  Luminous Sands Cream Highlighter in tanned and creamy shade Golden Sands.

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