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JLO Gift Bundle Eyes

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Unleash your inner makeup artist. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, Freedom System Palettes let you customize your must-have palette for any occasion. Inside this pocket size palette, you can find a home for the three eyeshadow shades and HD Sculpting Powder that were used to create Jennifer Lopez’s campaign look. A magnet layer on the bottom of the palette holds the product in place and allows you to conveniently replenish or switch out product when needed. All makeup and palettes are sold separately. Build the palettes online or in store, choosing from a variety of products in the Jennifer Lopez collection, including eyeshadows, powders, blushes and highlighters. The Freedom System Palette is perfect for the girl on the go.

• Freedom System Palette J-FS2: Fits two eyeshadow shades of your choice
• Freedom System Palette J-FS3: Fits four eyeshadow shades of your choice or two eyeshadows and one blush, sculpting powder or highlighter shade of your choice
• Freedom System Palette J-FS5: Fits three eyeshadow shades and one blush, sculpting powder or highlighter shade of your choice
• Freedom System Palette J-FSFC: Fits four eyeshadow shades and two blush, sculpting powder or highlighter shades of your choice

Create show-stopping eyes like Jennifer Lopez with glimmering shades from the Freedom System Eye Shadow. Blend shadows freely and play with buildable colors to achieve a spectacular look. Created with treated pigments, these eyeshadows from the collection boast rich color and a silky touch. The application is effortless while the effect lasts for hours.
Try other shades to create exceptional looks inspired by Jennifer Lopez. 
The unique Freedom System allows you to mix and match products and colors to customize palettes of any size. Shop a matching palette for your Freedom System items.

Special Ingredients:

• Vitamin E
• Tsubaki Oil: Provides long-lasting hydration and protects skin against excessive moisture loss, thus improves skin elasticity, flexibility and tension



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